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Rainbow Starfox's reference made in November 2015, drawn by his mate.

Rainbow Starfox (often shortened to simply Rain; born November 14, 1997,[1] in northern Kentucky, USA) is a furry, photographer, and fursuiter who lives in Evansville, Indiana.[2] He has been a furry since 2009. He first discovered furries in 2009,[1] followed by finding the fandom in 2011.[1] He finally came out as a furry in 2013/2014.[1]


Rainbow's fursona is a bright orange red fox with a white chest, stomach, and tail tip. His cheeks are white, as is his muzzle, which has small black 'fox markings'. His paws and feet are colored brown up to his elbows/knees, and so are the tips of his ears. The fur inside his ears is also white.

He has black hair, which is tipped in a teal color, like a mohawk. His eyes are pale green.


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