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Rainbow Bruises (born June 15, 1992), also known as Chot, is a furry artist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chot has been in the fandom since about 2005. He began drawing, creating anthropomorphic characters, and role playing as a pass-time. The name 'Chot' was chosen at 14 years of age, and was a pre-existing character, (originally named 'Max') that he had created as a child.


Chot is a male coatimundi with orange-brown fur and green skin. He typically has teal hair.

Chot's fursona has gone through several transformations, originally looking (unfortunately) something like a sparkledog. He has been toned down quiet a lot, along with a few species changes since his creation, and as far as anyone can tell, he won't go through any more transformations any time soon.

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