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Rainbow Ark is a safe place for furry Christians and their allies to fellowship regardless of sexual orientation.

Rainbow Ark is a LiveJournal community founded to help LGBT furs who are also Christians to come to terms with their orientation and their faith. Another goal is to foster understanding between religious furs and LGBT furs by way of personal testimony, scriptural study, and general dialog.

The group often discusses issues involving furry, religious news, and LGBT issues, and hosts meets at the various FurCons.

The first meet was an unofficial one which took place in the general area of Anthrocon '05 at the Windham, followed by a room party later that evening. The second was a scheduled panel at Mephit FurMeet in '05 which had 8 attendees. The third was a scheduled panel the following year at Mephit FurMeet hosted by Zeek Hedgehog, Savrin, and Jarrell Woods and attracted 13 attendees. As a LiveJournal, they currently have well over 200 members, the majority being furry.

Among the features which are currently available: web-hosted email, a history/FAQ of Rainbow Ark including a timeline and glossary, a growing list of testimonies, an online Bible study, a guest book, and chat. When all of the systems are up and running by the beginning of 2010, in addition there will be a graphical calendar of events, a nicely-prepared gallery, a store with Rainbow Ark-branded merchandise, and a huge multiple-section forum.

Another feature of MyRainbowArk.com is that the site is hosted by two virtual characters, Chris and Curt. Chris is a delightful male-to-female trans vixen, and Curt is a short grumpy, but lovable gay raccoon. Through their instant messaging banter on the home page, they announce all of the site's news, and their images show up on many of the other pages throughout the site to assist the viewer in their navigation.

The Chris and Curt images are the creation of SunshineFox and may not be used without express permission.

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