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RainFurrest 2016 would have been the tenth instance of the RainFurrest convention. It was scheduled to be held over August 25-28, 2016,[1] at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Washington, with The Davenport Grand hotel as its primary hotel.[2] On February 5th, it was announced the event would not be held as "efforts to locate a viable convention and hotel space for 2016 have not been successful."[3]

The convention's theme would have been "The Search For Kaldera".[1] The Artist Guest of Honor would have been NeoGeen, the Musician Guest of Honor would have been Ribnose, and the Author Guest of Honor would have been Ryan Campbell.[4]


For more details on this topic, see RainFurrest 2015#Controversy.

Following the conclusion of RainFurrest 2015, rumors of the convention's negative feedback from the Hilton SeaTac Hotel were spread. Rex Wolf, the 2015 RainFurrest chair, posted a message directed at con attendees that property destruction and vandalism were rampant:[5]

RainFurrest 2016
  • For the last few years, the Hilton sustained more damage during RainFurrest than it did from every other event at the Hilton the entire rest of the year. This doesn’t even include damage to guest rooms or other incidental wear and tear like the elevators.
  • This year’s incidents include two plumber calls, a flooded bathroom that soaked the offices underneath, towels stuffed into a hot tub pump, and multiple petty vandalisms and thefts. A final damage report is still being compiled.
  • We had to send three people to the hospital and call the police twice.
  • By Sunday morning of con this year, the hotel was so exasperated that they were threatening to evict attendees for single noise complaints.
RainFurrest 2016

The convention staff reported that they had begun search for a hotel to accommodate Rainfurrest 2016.[6][7]

On February 2nd, 2016 it was reported the convention had secured a venue. It was scheduled to be held over August 25-28, 2016,[1] at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Washington, with The Davenport Grand hotel as its primary hotel.[2] Yet less than a week later on February 6th, the convention staff announced that the convention would not occur at all that year.[8][9]

In February 2016, RainFurrest board member Th' buni posted a post-mortem analysis of the events leading up to and after the convention's cancellation, which also served as a public announcement of her resignation from the board.[10]


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