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RainFurrest 2013 was the seventh instance of the RainFurrest convention. It was held over September 26-29, 2013,[1] at the SeaTac Hilton in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.[2]

The theme of RainFurrest 2013 was "Dancing in the Moonlight - a Celebration of Fandom".[1] The Guests of Honor were Soulscape (artist GoH), Temperance (fursuiter GoH), FurPlanet (Fuzzwolf, Teiran, Buck C Turner, Zia McCorgi) (Writing GoH), Fred Patten (fandom GoH, in absentia), Phil Geusz (Writing Special Guest), Fox Amoore (Music Special Guest),and Alexander James Adams (Music Special Guest).[3]

RainFurrest 2013 attracted 2202 attendees,[4] and raised "over $6454.17"[5] for the convention charity (the Clouded Leopard Project).


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