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RainFurrest 2009, the third RainFurrest, was held September 18-20 at the Seattle Airport Marriott, Washington, USA, with 911 attendees. It had a Zombie Attack theme.

The guests of honor Farore Nightclaw and Nicodemus, with Special Guests 2 The Ranting Gryphon, Alexander James Adams and, Kyell Gold.

There were at least 159 participants at the end of the fursuit parade[1] though the official count mentioned at the closing ceremonies was 157, measured from the start. A charity auction brought in $536.78.


Major events included:

  • Dances, starting out fursuit friendly, with DJ Digi-Fox, FreeFox, EarVelvet and AudioDile as DJs
  • Fursuit Parade
  • Variety Show preceded by plushie costume contest
  • Guest of Honor dinner and roast
  • 2 The Ranting Gryphon Show
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Alexander James Adams in concert

Other events and amenities:

  • Dealers Den
  • Art Show
  • Large Fursuit Lounge
  • Open "Hangar" Space to hang out in
  • Gaming room with DDR tournament
  • Zombie game
  • Lounge with snacks for Sponsors and Patrons
  • Dozens of panels and workshops


  1. As measured by GreenReaper at the main exit

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