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Kindrift, also known as Downspin, RailFoxen, RailFox, Raiya Daimonion, and IceVixen, is an administrator of SporkMUCK, formerly of RunaMUCK, and is an editor and forum moderator at the critic site Vivisector, and (formerly) at Crush! Yiff! Destroy!.

Furry involvement[edit]

Seen occasionally at the D-Scream in years past, Kindrift was one of the early postfurries, but parted with the community shortly before the creation of PuzzleboxMUCK in 2002. His involvement in the postfurry community may have been influenced by the Strogg,[clarify] as the name RailFox is a Quake II reference.[clarify]

Crush! Yiff! Destroy![edit]

Kindrift was a forum moderator on Crush! Yiff! Destroy! under the name RailFoxen until July 2006, when he decided to use the name Downspin, and spread the story that RailFoxen had been banned from CYD due to "a slight legal emergency".[citation needed] Downspin then assumed RailFoxen's duties as forum moderator immediately after the later's "banning".[citation needed]. He changed his forum handle to Kindrift afterwards.

CYD administrator Mitch asserted that RailFoxen was no longer associated with CYD,[citation needed] but making an apparent newcomer to CYD such as Downspin a moderator immediately upon joining CYD casted doubt about Mitch's statement.

Kindrift was finally banned from CYD in March 2008 after years of frictions with Mitch. This was done shortly after Kindrift posted a screencap of Rocky Mountain Fur Con's chairman Kahuki Lairu's personal information from the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Site. Mitch's decision lead many[who?] to believe that a rule about personal information had been broken.[1]


Kindrift's original fursona was a kitsune with a railgun fixation. He later changed to a chakat-kin skunktaur named "Downspin".


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