Raiders Of The Trash

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Raiders of the Trash is a short Flash animation created by Cerberus, artist of the comic, Not Big and Not Clever. It follows the attempts by Hammy and Jammy, a pair of raccoons, to raid a trash can owned by a human.

On Hammy's first attempt to score food from the trash can, he is spotted by the owner and chased off. In order to prevent further attempts on his trash, the home owner carries it inside of his house. Hammy and Jammy spend the night hatching plans for a more elaborate scheme. The following night, mid-raid, Hammy is discovered by the homeowner and a chase ensues, culminating in a "car chase" from which Hammy successfuly escapes with the entire trash bin.

During the animation, the theme song of Indiana Jones plays in the background. Cerberus, on Newgrounds, stated that the animation is "Dedicated to two pet rats of the same name...(as the raccoons) and Indiana Jones..."

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