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Fleet Admiral Ra'Zim is a gizian, born December 16, 1990, who currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT.

The Fleet Admiral[edit]

Zim has been an overall active member of the fandom going on five years. He works to bring others closer and help get a more positive and fun look out on the fandom. As of July of 2012, Zim serves as one of the three administrators of the Utah Furry Forum. The Fleet Admiral maintains several friendships throughout the fandom, operating in a general behind-the-scenes manner. He provides web hosting and development services to several furry groups as well as individual furry artists simply for the fun of doing so. The Fleet Admiral also maintains his own pack, entitled the Zimpack, which is composed of mainly his large number of furry pets he takes care of and watches over as well as a few normal packmates. He is proud to be in the position he's in, able to help his pack and help the UFF stand out more positively, maintaining strong and very loyal bonds to his furiends.

Zim's Gizmos[edit]

Zim is the Director of the Board for an online non-profit organization called Zim's Gizmos. This organization focuses on aiding those unable to learn how to develop video games. Zim's Gizmos offers services to help aspiring game developers get the tools, knowledge, and eventually publishing that they need to start making something from their ideas and to eventually earn money off of said ideas through Zim's Gizmos' publishing services. The primary emphasis for Zim's Gizmos in game development are furry games, ones to put more of a positive light on the fandom and help furries in general to become a force to be acknowledged across the world. Zim's Gizmos' Mission Statement is included here, taken from their website:

"Zim's Gizmos is a budding non-profit organization with the intent of helping those trying to enter the gaming industry as a career to get started. The goal of this organization is to place the tools and knowledge within reach of those that could not get them on their own (at least, not legally). I do not support piracy, and at the same time, I believe certain support should be given to those, mainly students, that can not afford to get the tools to simply learn what they desire to and then implement and publish them in a way they wish. Zim's Gizmos focuses on furry gaming aspects, helping aspiring game developers to achieve their dreams and learn the craft when they do not have the financial ability to do so on their own. Our main focus is on the creation and spread of furry-based games. Games to allow for more interaction between us furries and our human counterparts, that is the focus aside from the goal." [1]

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