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RIMokINA in her anthropomorphic form
RIMokINA in her non-anthropomorphic form
RIMokINA in her anthropomorphic form, without a shirt

RIMokINA, also known as rimokina, Rimokina, Rimo, and R.K., is a furry artist and writer who resides in Washington, U.S.A.


RIMokINA's fursona is a genderless (although is still referred to as she and her) lizarbat, a fruit bat who has been experimented upon. She has been fused with so many different species, mainly human, reptiles (iguana, water dragon, and Komodo dragon), Megabat, Utonagan and Chilean rose hair tarantula, that she is often mistaken for a dragon.

RIMokINA can not move her wings herself, but has to manually flap and extend them with her hands. This is due to her arms detaching from her wings upon her first genetic fusion.

Due to the various tests done on her, she has developed various mental illnesses, such as anxiety, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations. Sometimes she talks to herself, and claims to be talking to the spiders.

Because she is a reptile and does not have breasts, she often goes shirtless, she has three blue spikes on her chest, and has more spikes on her back. She also always wears long sleeves, and when she is shirtless she wears black and white arm warmers, no matter what she always has to have her arms covered, she says it is because their is something horrifying on her arms, and she doesn't want anyone (even herself) to see it.

RIMokINA's soul acts like a sponge to dark energy, absorbing it within itself, she has multiple spirits inhabiting her body, they extra spirits are made up entirely out of dark energy, but the dark energy gets absorbed into the dominant spirit at the time, which is usually her soul, corrupting it in the process, she can transfer the dark energy by letting the other spirit take control of her body, the other spirits trap the dark energy within itself.

Fenrixx The Crested Genet

Other Characters[edit]

She currently has two characters, her Fursona, and a caffeine addicted male genet named Fenrixx.


RIMokINA writes My Little Pony fanfiction.

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