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RBW 2009 was a UK convention held 30 October-1 November 2009 with 226 attendees.[1] Specially-invited attendees included Atalon, Fatkraken, KaputOtter and Sketchkat.

The convention featured 33 events over the three days. The theme was Good Vibrations and the year's backronym was Rather Brilliant Weekend. Ticket sales opened on April 11th.[2].

The Britannia International Hotel hosted the convention located in Canary Wharf. The Boat docked five minutes walk from the hotel.

£1868.45 was raised for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, including last-minute additions at closing ceremonies.[3]

Attendance fell compared to RBW 2008. A variety of reasons were proposed for this, including increased costs, the state of the economy, timing, and problems with last year's convention.[4] However, the convention itself reportedly went well.[5]


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