RASCI the Decision Making Mongoose

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RASCI the Decision-Making Mongoose was the mascot for a corporate policy within the eBay company. The name "RASCI" is an acronym for the stakeholders within the decision-making methodology:

  • Responsible: The single decision maker, accountable for quality and timelines of process, agreements, relationships, deliverables, and decisions.
  • Approver: The individual to whom "R" is accountable in the decision-making process and who has the final sign-off.
  • Supporter: Implements the decision, accountable to "R" for agreed-upon work, timeframe, deliverables, and/or resources.
  • Consultant: Provides substantive input and sought by "R" during the decision-making before the actions are taken and plans are finalized.
  • Informed: Receives notice of the outcome after the decision is made.

A plush toy of the character was distributed to eBay employees circa 2004. The mongoose character was designed by John Giang.

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