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Quoy is the online representative (or fursona) of Adalina Halidar, a Furcadia portrait artist and the artwork moderator at D.R.A.G.O.N.S.. She dabbles in a variety of graphic-orientated arts, preferring to work in digital media with fantasy pieces. Quoy also goes by the names Ankita Rysalo and E.Reesalo. Quoy is an active member of Furcadia and several online forums. Some of her past alias have included Silvasatou, Bwendas Fung and her most active +Silver - Orbs+.


Quoy often appears as a feral dragon (wyvern), although she has appeared in various places online as a liger or human, depending on the genre.


A crone in her prime, Quoy has a deeply contoured form with leathery scales in shades varying from pale grey to darkest obsidian. A long, swan-like neck supports her refined head, and a ragged, almost mangy looking mane falls over her spine. Her large wings serve as functional arms, complete with clawed joints mimicing the hand.


Adalina writes short historical novels and as of November 2006 is planning a full-scale one called Morteis Naturalis: Scourge of the Skyline; it is set in Hartlepool ravaged by the Napoleonic War.

Her hobbies include recurve and longbow archery, historical re-enacting, and sword-fighting. She hopes to progress this to historical acting or permanent museum work alongside archaeology.

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