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quoting_mungo, or Alexandra Herakai (born 1985) is an artist, writer, cartoonist and webmaster who lives with her parents on a farm near Lund, Sweden. She created the webcomic Paladins' Haven as one of her first public attempts at furry art.

Alex spent ten months studying abroad in 2003/2004, living with Kint Sonnemont's family in Iowa, USA, where she introduced several friends to furry fandom. During this school year, she attended Midwest FurFest for the first time, returning in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Sometimes Alex will mention her "American family", referring to her hosts during that time.

Alex took over the Recipe Portfolio after Tigers Kitten in March 2007, was a moderator on the Swedish forum SveaFur until mid-2008, founded WikiLurv in 2008, and in 2009 founded Svenska Furries Forum as a more lifestyler-friendly alternative to SveaFur. She also did a fairly brief stint as forum moderator at AnthroArchives prior to its 2008 change from using TinyPortals to the SMF forum format. She became a Fur Affinity administrator early in 2013, specializing in code of conduct violations.[1]

In 2006, Alex's short comic Backyardia's Dragon was published in issue #159 of Furrlough. That July she also participated in a radio interview about furry fandom on the Swedish radio program Meningen med allt.


Alex's fursona, which doesn't have a name in its own right but is sometimes referred to as Alexandra Herakai, is an arctic fox with a purple and white summer coat. The character shares her hazel eyes as well as her ear piercings, hair color and hair style.

Earlier renditions of this character almost exclusively wore a bright pink babydoll-style shirt with the word "DIE!" on it, inspired by the webcomic College Roomies from Hell, and camouflage pants, but as Alex has moved away from these somewhat, so has her character. These early renditions also often wore a leather collar and a set of necklaces, mirroring real-life Alex's daily wear. Originally this character was a red fox, which occasionally appeared in the earlier version of Paladins' Haven.

Occasionally Alex will use her secondary fursona Katla-in-Shadow, an equine-dragon hybrid, especially for adult art.


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