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Quincy the Raccoon, also known as Michael,[1] Sunwolf Holland, formerly as Solaris WolFox (born April 20, 1975),[2] was a fursuiter and is an photographer who lives in the Netherlands.


Originally from Capelle aan den IJssel in the Zuid-Holland Province, he used to resides in Schiedam but now lives in the town of Harderwijk.[2]

Quincy's interests include music (especially tracks by LapFox Trax), good food, hanging out with fellow furs, fursuits, animals, and watching movies. He dislikes greedy people, trolls, and lies.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He originally went by the name SunWolf, changing to Solaris WolFox at the beginning of February 2012, then later in 2014 became Quincy the Raccoon.

Quincy could be found on the Dutch 3DEE chat group but it gone offline. He has attended Furries take Delft in summer 2011, Elf Fantasy Fair (now known as Elfia) in 2012, and Utrecht suiting 2013.[clarify]


Quincy's current fursona, Quincy the Raccoon, is a raccoon who is a bit bigger than usual, and sometimes loves vore (especially eating humans, but he does that not so often). Most of the time he is just very friendly and loves cuddles.

Quincy's original fursona, Solaris WolFox, was a wolf who resembled a wolf/fox hybrid. He had white blobs on his arms and legs.

Convention attendance[edit]


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