Questionable Content

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Questionable Content
Author(s) Jeph Jacques
Update schedule Ongoing, updates weekdays
Launch date August 1, 2003
Genre Humor/Slice-of-life

Questionable Content (often shortened to QC) is a slice-of-life webcomic written and drawn by Jeph Jacques. Jeph has stated that he is not a furry in the comments of #538: Also Some Nachos Please, but jokes that he would be in to wolf-centaur hybrids or were-mermaids if he was one.

Questionable Content strips occasionally make reference to furries and furry culture, as well as various cases of animal and non-animal anthropomorphism. One such example of non-animal anthropomorphism are the characters Pintsize and Winslow, an AnthroPC and anthro iPod respectively.

Questionable Content and furry[edit]

In the guest strip, #1266: A Visit To The Good Doctor by Angela Melick, various QC characters are visiting a psychiatrist. Hanners, who suffers from a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, is seen curled up on the couch - scared at having been exposed to 4chan, inflation, guro and mpreg by Pintsize; scared at the thought of having been turned into a furry.

In strip #1277: You Just Had To Ask; Pintsize is busy downloading images from the Internet - in each frame happier as one image slowly loads. In the last frame he appears excited, having downloaded an image of what appears to be a pregnant unicorn-fox hybrid.

In #1279: Weedmaster P Is Her Dealer; Tai hallucinates and appears to think that Marten and Hanners have become anthropomorphic dragons.

In #1526: Salutations From DyreWolff; Marten, Dora, Hannelore and Marigold are at a stereotypical Science fiction and fantasy convention. In the background of this strip you can see Dora taking interest in purchasing a tail from a stall (presumably named "Furs R Us"), at least until the intervention of a wolf fursuiter.

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