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The Quest for Fun is an ongoing hardcore erotica subscription comic series set in the Vixine world. It features Alma, the pirate Siamese cat, Scyra, the Amazon warrior-mouse and Zandria, a cute iguana rogue/cleric, who are on a quest, travelling around the world searching for tireless men. Founded in April 2002, the series is drawn by Federico Panella and written and colored by Serena.

Story Synopsis[edit]

The Amazons have had enough of having sex only among themselves; toys and lesbian sex within the tribe just isn't fun anymore. Scyra, their best warrior, decides to liberate her Amazon sisters by taking on a long journey in search for high-stamina men to bring back to the tribe. She soon meets Zandria, a cute iguana girl, and later Alma, a naughty pirate, who takes them across the sea to the legendary island of tireless men... but their search is not destined to end any time soon.

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