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Quakefur (also known as Allykai, born July 22, 1996) is a furry artist and animator.

Her fursona is Allykai, a gray cat with a white stomach, blue eyes, and blue and purple markings.


Quakefur has a multitude of characters:

  • Quakefur, A grey pyromaniac she-cat with wings. She was experimented on in a lab when she was young, and lived there until escaping with Sootfur (see below) and a few other winged felines.
  • Sootfur: Quakefur's mate, a winged, blue-eyed orange cat, from the same lab. He is blind.
  • Stripes: a brown winged cat. He is shown to be in love with Quakefur; A picture at the end of Quakefur's Christmas video shows her being chased by Stripes with mistletoe.
  • Winter: a white cat character based on the Warriors series. She is a violent, cat who embeds the bones of her enemies into her collar. She also killed her mate, Tobi, partially by accident.
  • Tobi: a brown cat and Winter's mate.
  • Cherry: a pink cat who is always dressed sexy. She also seems to be a bit of a pervert. Her mate is one of Quakefur's friend's characters, Ichiro Dai, and they have two neko children, Sage and Chaos.
  • Sage: a pink and black furred neko girl. Cherry's first child.
  • Chaos: a black furred neko boy. Cherry's second child. He is shown to be slightly crazy.
  • Carson: a brown cat with blond hair. Quakefur mentioned that her friend actually named him. He is shown to be very girly and bubbly. He might also be homosexual as Quakefur seems to hint towards it with a few of her comments and pictures of him, but it is unconfirmed.
  • Akito: Quakefur mentions that she is actually a genetically altered human. He is shown with snow white skin, green eyes, glasses, long black hair, pointed elf ears, and a lab coat. He is a scientist. His girlfriend is Arisu.
  • Arisu: Another genetically altered human, she is shown with blue eyes and an appearance similar to Akito's.
  • Adderfang: a dark gray Warriors OC. He is sarcastic and harsh.
  • Lilystorm: Another Warriors OC, she is a happy and bubbly cat.

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