Q. I. Malloy

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A picture of Q. I. Malloy by Jotun

Q. I. Malloy is a Dobermann and a drug dealer, and one of the protagonists in the Maranatha story series by Alex "Osfer" Vance. Born in 1972 in the Midlands to a single mother he move to the United States at an early age without his mother's consent. Failing to support himself, he enrolled in a seminary and was on his way toward priesthood.

Instead, Malloy took to thieving and the dealing of drugs and, together with his longtime friend and in all but name lover Owen Zelazny, came to Maranatha City in late 1998, where he continued to ply his trade.

He is a broad-shouldered and muscular dog whose thuggish exterior belies a keen intellect, though his occasionally heroic and almost always charismatic behavior often misleads those closest to him into thinking him a 'rogue with a heart of gold', an illusion occasionally and shockingly dispelled when his flexible morality is exposed.

He has described himself was 'a man compelled by sways of which he has not ken,' which is a prosaic departure from his usually rough speech.

Promo illustration for Heathen City featuring Malloy, made by Kamui

Malloy makes an appearance as one of the protagonists in the comic Heathen City, written by Alex Vance, illustrated by Ayato and colored by Distasty.

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Writer: Alex Vance
Illustrators: Ayato · Distasty · Krahnos · Charha · Fel