Pyros Byrnur

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Pyros Byrnur is a dragon character on Tapestries MUCK, a participant in the Temple of Divinity roleplaying zone.

Pyros Byrnur came to the temple in July 2004. After being thrown to the plane of Tapestries from his own home plane of Tierma, he had wandered around for several weeks before stumbling upon the Temple of Divinity. At first, his over-righteous zealotry put him in trouble several times with both deities and the guardianship before he finally figured out the solution: joining the people who're actually in charge of protecting people. For the past year he's been slowly working his way up the guardianship ranks, and is currently slated for graduating to Templar status.

During his service to the temple, he's met numerous characters, including his first mate Meerell, who was just recently reborn, and his second and current mate, Jhyluan Byrnur, of the Sunfire clan. He's also made and lost other friends, and kept a rare few that he would trust with his life, including Tomlyon, the recently reborn vampire lord. Despite all the changes going on around him, he's stayed almost entirely the same physically (except for regrowing his wings). Arguably, he's grown more mature over his stay at the temple, though it may be that he's just subdued and silent.

Pyros hails from the plane of Tierma, a world thoroughly inhabited by several races of dragons, including his own Byrnur clan. His family has a long history of being viewed as traitors, defectees, and unreliable servants of the dragon race. However, it's only known to a select few that everything the Byrnur family does is for the good of all dragonkind. When Pyros was forced from his home plane, a devastating war was being waged between dragonkind and a large population of anthro-wolves. Since he's arrived, he's continuously been searching for a way home.


The name Pyros was inspired by the dragon starring in his own video game series: Spyro. The player behind Pyros simply moved the front letter to the back and liked the sound of it. Pyros turned out to be Greek for "Mouth of Fire", which fit well for a fire breathing dragon.