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SRAKE (aka pyroko) is a musician. Born July 1986, he lives in West Texas with his girlfriend Strawberrykit (although he is a native Pennsylvanian).

Name History[edit]

SRAKE (written in all caps) is named as a parody of the Beatmania artist SLAKE. Thus, the music that SRAKE makes is very irregular and different.

Fursona (s)[edit]

SRAKE is a white/dark blue rabbit, who is the alter-ego of Starcrunch, seen below. He is a DJ, and shows very dark traits, almost implying that he is a Nazi fur. He has not denied this.

SRAKE's secondary, pyroko (always lowercase) is a gray tabby cat with white on his face, tail, and right handpaw. He is mated to Strawberrykit's Jinxie. He is pretty much almost identical to Jinxie in personality, just a male.

And lastly, his joke fursona-turned-serious (when referring to SRAKE) is Starcrunch, a light-blue and white rabbit with 'sprinkles' on his tail and ears. He is the permanent mate to Strawberrykit's Snowpuff, and he makes up part of the musical duo 'Sprinkel Bunnies'.


SRAKE (under the name pyroko) worked on all three installments of Renard Queenston's Mungyodance series, making stepcharts and some extra mode scripts. He also lent his "MC-ing" and his voice in a few songs under the names 'Sprinkel Bunnies' and 'MC BBQ' in MGD3.

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