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Subject postfurry, shapeshifting, genre-mixing, and surrealism
Server puzzleboxmuck.org, port 8890
Operator(s) Function OR (PostVixen), Function XOR (Postrodent), Function AND (Inaki), Function NOT (Schizzy), Kasuri
Status Closed
Ran from/to 2002 - 2005-2010(?)

PuzzleboxMUCK (or just Puzzlebox) was a MUCK based on postfurry themes such as shapeshifting, genre-mixing, and surrealism. It ceased operations some time between 2005 and 2010.


Puzzlebox MUCK closed sometime between 2005-2010. An archive of the publically accessible rooms is available here: https://emanate.itch.io/puzzlebox-muck-archive

The Rules[edit]

The "Puzzlebox" referred to in the title is a psychedelic space habitat of unknown and possibly multi-galactic-cluster size that appears to bend the laws of reality. It essentially codifies the common rules of a MUCK into a New Reality:

  • Food and other physical concerns are unimportant unless you want them to be.
  • Space and capability are conceptual: play with people's internal concepts.
  • Be what you want! Anything you can think of, you can be.
  • Injury and even death are mostly just inconvenient; you'll always come back if you want to.

The Locations[edit]

Most of the MUCK's action takes place in a city called "the Mess," which is divided into six themed districts named for varieties of quarks:

  • Upwarp: rationalist, utopian social order
  • Downwarp: mystical, individualistic urban decay
  • Topwarp: aristocracy, elegance and self-discipline
  • Bottomwarp: revelry and self-indulgence
  • Charmwarp: childlike joy and bright psychedelia
  • Strangewarp: psychological horror and dark psychedelia

Puzzlebox was a closed-registration MUCK, with membership applications approved by a council of player volunteers, until early 2007. From then on, anyone could freely make a character that's restricted to only certain areas of the MUCK for one month. After that month is up, the wizards of the MUCK review player-given comments on the trial character to judge whether or not to make them full-fledged members or not.

The MUCK is administered under a philosophy of community participation, with an emphasis on finding solutions and serving player needs rather than making "by the book" legalistic rulings. Note: As of March 2006, work is underway to adjust admittance methods and requirements.

PuzzleboxMUCK may be considered a spinoff of the Dionysian Scream from Tapestries MUCK, which, while no longer supported by its original creators, still has a number of regular visitors.