Purrip (person)

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Purrip is a fursona on FurryMUCK, not really a character but a mask the person uses (or the person is a mask the fursona uses, but in this case it is a fur mask over a person psyche). She has been on FurryMUCK since at least 1997, but rarely participates in TinyPlot. The form she has chosen is a mostly white with blue/grey and black accents persian cat and common squirrel hybrid apple hamadryad in more of a cartoon/cinematic/stage style. She is most often seen with Paka.

Outside of FurryMUCK, Purrip has been involved with running the Creator's Lounge at Further Confusion from 2003 to 2006, along with A'a'alis, Kensan Oni and Mayhem.