Purple Pussy

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Purple Pussy
Author(s) Dave "Shmorky" Kelly
Update schedule Canceled
Launch date September 1, 2001
End Date June 17, 2005
Genre  ?
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Purple Pussy is a funny animal "comic for girls," and was created by Shmorky (nom de plume for artist Dave Kelly.)



The comic covered several of the time's social and political issues, as well as the personal things that happen in a women's day to day life, as told by a cast of (mostly) anthropomorphic female characters.

This offensive ensemble were well known for their foul language and and violent behaviour.

Many comments were made about Foxy being "a damn slut", some of the sexual favours between Betty and Purple, Roofie displaying a yeast infection, and Shelly praying to God to kill everyone.

Religious figures are also poked at, such as Jesus Christ being referred to as Jeebus Crow.

After a while, the comic diminished somewhat in crude humor and violence, and there were even a few notably touching moments[citation needed].


Main characters[edit]

Purple Pussy
Betty Bunny
  • Betty is Purple Pussy's mild, significant other.
Roofie Raccoon
  • Roofie is a clinically depressed, nerdy green raccoon.
Foxy Fox
  • Foxy is a generic, slutty vixen with 72 kinds of STDs. She is the complete opposite of Purple. [1]
Poopie Puppy
  • Poopie is the daughter of a multi-billionaire, and enjoys eating poop.

Secondary characters[edit]

Shelly Squirrel
  • Shelly Squirrel was an (angry) would-be major character, but Shelley is later told by her doctor that she will die before her 23rd birthday, and does so midway through the comic's run.
Spooky the Goth
Scarlet Skunk
  • Scarlet Skunk was another would-be major character, but got killed off after a few strips
Pam Charge
  • Pam Charge is Purple's biggest fan.
Jeebus Crow
  • Jeebus Crow, son of the Almighty
  • Sid's is Purple's ex-boyfriend
The Devil Phil


The demise of the comic started when many of the characters started to find their own separate ways. The first to leave was Foxy who left for Florida, calling it "The Penis of America".[2] Then Roofie got a TV show offer.[3] Three days later we find out that Poopie is going to participate in the war.[4] The only two that are left are Purple and Betty. Deciding they had a good comic run, they go through a human transformation together,[5] and walk off into the sunset holding hands.

The book yet to be[edit]

Purple Pussy
Hey kids, remember a long time ago (two years ago, actually!) when I said there would be a Purple Pussy book and it kept being delayed? Originally I was going to make Purple Pussy in book form all the time. You can now see how it all began. It's not pretty, and only funny sometimes. This comic is embarrassing and bad, but just think of it as seeing how far the comic has gone. - David Kelly
Purple Pussy

Purple became enraged in early January 2002 about a review from a major comic publisher, over not being able to distribute Purple Pussy because it did not meet their quality or specific requirements.[6]

Copyright infringement[edit]

In April 2007, the artist accused Todd Goldman of the David & Goliath clothing company of plagiarizing the September 19th, 2001 panel for their own use.


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