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Puriteen, a portmanteau of the words puritan and teenager, also known as a pureteen, is a term used to describe a young tween/teenage person who is prudish and uncomfortable about sexual content on the internet, either media-based or because of some people's sexually suggestive behavior. Many are anti-porn (not-kid-friendly media).

Puriteens put the onus of the censoring of adult works or behavior on the creators themselves, instead of being monitored and curtailed by their related adults (parents, teachers, etc).

Puriteen and furry[edit]

Furry puriteens, also known as Puritan furries and Furry anti/Furry antis/Furry antie, share the same concerns as their mainstream counterparts, with the addition of elements unique to the furry fandom,[1] such as adult furry art, furry-unique paraphilias (MPreg furs, Babyfurs, paw fetishism, et al), lifestyles/behavior, and fursuiting (murrsuits, fursuit sex), among others.

Some also see any sexualization of furry characters (anthro or feral, suggestive or not) as just plain bestiality or zoophilia,[2] or that displaying such perceived adult, erotic furry/anthro/funny animal art anywhere on the web where minors can come upon it is a form of "grooming" (pedophilia).[3][4][5]

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