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Punnchy (real name Brandon Ralphie Saeed; born February 23)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Springfield, Missouri, USA.[2]


Punnchy has been a staff member at several non-furry conventions such as Visioncon (vending), Vacation Anime, and The Big '80s Weekend.[citation needed] He is currently the returning Director of Volunteer Services for Springfield G.A.M.E. He enjoys table-top and digital gaming, as well as anime and movies.

In June 2012, he entered into a long term relationship with a woman he met at a fund raising event for F3 Convention, and has been married since May 25th, 2019. They are expecting a son in Janurary of 2021.

He is currently stalled in the development phase of a table top deck building game, called Sexy Minions. The stall is reported on the facebook page.

He has worked as a home health aid for special needs adults since March of 2017.


His primary fursona is a male husky named Ralphie Saeed.[3] This character is based off the life experiences of its creator, and is used in several aspects of the creator's life, including as a roleplay character online, an avatar in Second Life, and various artworks (both general and mature) hosted on Fur Affinity, his booru account, and other websites (without permission).

His secondary fursona is a shemale husky named Lezlie Ralphia Saeed. She was created based on an urge to appear as a woman on Second Life. There is various artwork of this character hosted on Fur Affinity, his booru, and other sites.

Punnchy's other non-primary fursona include the female bunny Petal, female skunk Alexis, female feline hybrid Silvia Longtail. Silvia has received the most art of the characters for free during the 2020 artfight.


Punnchy has attended:

  • Big '80s Weekend (Springfield, Missouri): 2012
  • F3 Convention: 2012 (Registration staff)[4]
  • Springfield Game Expo (Springfield, Missouri): 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Brandon was honored as a Henchman of the Year in 2012.
  • Visioncon (Branson, Missouri): 2013, 2014


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