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PunkTiger (real name Mark Correia, born September 2, 1963)[1] is a fursuiter and puppeteer who lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.[1] He is also an occasional amateur furry artist and writer.


PunkTiger's one-man puppeetering group is named Southpaw Video Productions.[2]


PunkTiger became a member of the furry fandom around 1993.[3] After going to many science fiction and furry conventions, he began to developed an interest in the fursuiters, and, after Anthrocon 1999, decided to obtain a fursuit of his own.

Not feeling confident in building his own costume, PunkTiger discussed the matter with his friend, Changa, who directed him to the website of Northwest Furry Productions. After browsing the site, PunkTiger commissioned a partial fursuit from them, depicting his tiger fursona.


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