Prozac the Alcoholic Bunny

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Prozac the Alcoholic Bunny is a fursuited rabbit character purported to inhabit Dante's nightclub in Portland, Oregon, USA.

On his website[1], standup comedian Auggie Smith describes the purpose of Prozac:

Prozac the Alcoholic Bunny
To add to the ever present weirdness the bar management employed, and by employed I mean gave free drinks to, “Prozac The Alcoholic Bunny”. Prozac’s job description consisted of two things, #1 sit at the bar and consume alcohol, and #2 wear a full length pink bunny suit including head
Prozac the Alcoholic Bunny

Smith goes on to recount what happens when people have too much to drink and get boisterous with the rabbit.

Lonnie Bruhn, another standup comedian, has a photograph of Prozac on his website[2], and notes that the character appears at the club on Tuesday nights.


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