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Project Nakti is a global community project created by anthro artist VPN, centered around creating a furry fantasy universe dubbed Planet Nakti.


The goal of this project is for Planet Nakti to be the first furry universe developed entirely by the furry community. Any anthro artist, writers, animators, and any other kind of creative people can join. There is total freedom in the development but a few guidelines are required to be followed in order to not make Planet Nakti into a carbon-copy of another fantasy planet Earth (e.g. Middle-earth,) and for it to not infringe the copyright of other properties.[1] The home of the project is:

Planet Nakti[edit]

The most particular aspect of this terrestrial world is that it's on its early states of sociocultural evolution, so its civilizations have a very early grade of technological development.

They basically live in the same cultural time period earthlings lived during the cultural era of ancient Egypt or Sumer, so their technology is quite limited, and they don't posses magic because the characteristic of Nakti is that it's imbued with realism in mind,[clarify] making it something that can really exist in another solar system.[clarify]

Project guidelines[edit]


  • Cultural unity - If an user/editor is developing a Naktian civilization, they should give it a unique culture. Each civilization has its religion, traditions, costumes, rituals. In Nakti, no people look like the other.
  • Civilizations and social classes - Since Nakti is a young planet, its civilizations are organized within social classes, so people of various social extraction interact towards each other in different ways or sometimes don't even interact at all.[clarify]
  • Religion - Naktians don't have any advanced scientific knowledge, so they see most of the things that happen around them in a religious way.[clarify] Some see them in a very zealous way, while some other ones in a more empiric one. There's religious fanaticism too.[citation needed]
  • Civilizations are "social experiments" - Each civilization on Nakti has its own culture and way of life. One race won't live the same way another race does. Culture clashes are very frequent among Naktian travelers.[citation needed]
  • The view on sex changes according to the single cultures - The approach to sexual behavior in different Naktian's cultures.[clarify]
  • Civilizations and technological development - Some civilizations are quite advanced for their times, others are less developed while there are poor or undeveloped civilizations too.

Not encouraged[edit]

  • Mary Sue characters - Basically every character has its strong and weak points, abilities and drawbacks. Superhero-like, immortals or unrealistically-gifted characters are totally unfitting in Nakti.
  • Modern technology - Planet Nakti is relatively young so the civilizations who live there have a very low grade technological development, which is roughly similar to how Earth was for example during the ancient Egyptian or the Sumerian eras. There are some Naktian civilizations that don't even know the concept of the wheel.
  • Ponies, Pokemon, Digimon and Sonic OCs - Users/editors are encouraged to be original and don't use trademarked species and/or characters.
  • Magic - Just like with Earth, there's no magic on Nakti. What Naktians call magic are just chemical or scientific things that they can't explain because they don't have the required technology to study them .
  • Technological clashes - Users/editors, when creating a Naktian civilization, they must remember that the planet has a low technological development, so their civilization can't have any kind of advanced technology (e.g. Robots.) Medieval-era technology would still be too advanced.
  • Humans - Naktians are anthropomorphic animals. Human don't exist on the Nakti's universe.






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