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The "Foxee Looking Cute" logo for Project Destiny Studios, which has been used on all Project Destiny Studios uniform hats and shirts since 2005

Project Destiny Studios is an animation and graphic design studio located in the State of Illinois in the United States of America. Founded in January of 2003 by Daniel Keller, Project Destiny Studios has made artwork and comic contributions to such publications as the Gold Digger comic book published by Antarctic Press, the Extinctioners comic book from Shanda Fantasy Arts, the Bloomington-Normal Indy newspaper, Illinois State University Daily Vidette Newspaper, the eXpressions Journal magazine, and several artwork convention books.

Project Destiny Studios specializes in graphic design, the creation of comic strips, comic books, pin-up drawings, traditional hand-drawn animation, Microsoft® Agent character development, and animatronics.

Project Destiny Studio’s flagship products include Tiggerman™, a daily newspaper comic strip featuring the misadventures of a tiger-striped house cat, and Foxee™, a traditionally animated cartoon interactive arctic blue fox character that uses Microsoft® Agent technology to talk, move, and interact with visitors on the Internet. Work continues on both of these projects, and Project Destiny Studios is always creating new artwork and graphic design contributions for several businesses and professional publications. Project Destiny Studios owns several State of Illinois business trade and service marks, several domain names on the Internet, and maintains many websites. In addition, Project Destiny Studios also has several projects under development, including several comic books, an animated short, several newspaper comic strips, several video games, a dice-based role-playing game, and animatronic robot versions of some of its cartoon characters.

The creations of Project Destiny Studios have won many awards in art competitions over the years. In the company's first year of operation it won the Capcom Entertainment Inc. 2003 Fan Artwork Competition for the month of May, the Antarctic Press Award of Excellence for drawing the cutest female character of the year, and second place in the Lisle Founder’s Fest Banner Competition. Also worthy of note is that in 2005 a hand-painted animation cel created by Project Destiny Studios was chosen by Dominic Molon, the Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago, to be included in the Illinois State University Annual Student Juried Artwork Exhibition at the University Galleries.

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