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Andy and Tokami as drawn by el Diman.
Paw picture by Andy, Saint blue is the subject.
Another commission

Andy K (born March 1989), is an anthro artist and a furry, born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. He uses the nickname ProblemChild.


Andy is an agnostic and an anti-religion activist. He has created a Fur Affinity group called Furs for Atheism.[1]


Andy has been a member of deviantART since November 2005 and of Fur Affinity since July 2006. He takes on multiple commission slots per month with prices ranging from $20-30. Several of his pieces were auctioned and bought at local art exhibits. He also has many fan art and gift art pictures, his favorite being a Fishing picture drawn by his close friend el Diman.

Andy is working on a web comic, Roeger, intended for release in October 2009.


Andy also has some skill with musical composition, creating several songs through the DirectMusic Producer, or played off his Yamaha keyboard and run through FL Studio.

His musical influences are mostly European in origin, preferring the sounds of Enya, mika, Eva Simons, and Lady Gaga.


Andy's fursona is a white house cat, with black patches of fur over his right eye, two on the tip of his tail, and another patch near the base extending to his back. There are two symmetrical patches extending down the tips of his ears. On his legs, two symmetrical patches of black go from his feet to his knees. He is 5'8, and normally sports either a pair of heart boxers (though he occasionally wears pants) or a long red trench coat. His tail is nearly longer then his own body and he has human shaped feet with pink heel, ball, and toe pads.

A commission by Andy


  1. FursForAtheism Fur Affinity group.

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