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Reimina Clover Keishana, also known as Princess Rei or Captain Rei, is a female Rottweiler and Poodle mix furry. She is mixed with African American and Philippine, and currently lives in Georgia, USA. Princess Rei is a furry artist, and is the owner Amethyst Valley and In her spare time, she also works on fursuits, cosplays, and writing.

Princess Rei was a guest of honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015.[1]


Princess Rei Clover Keishana is a lost princess who is forbidden to return to her home kingdom; anything but a normal monarch. She has been orphaned at a young age while her castle was overthrown by black dragons, called the Oxinian Gang. Amethyst Valley was later taken over by a new ruler: an albino leopard named Gendime Avrexi, someone of no relation to Rei, who also permitted the Onixian Gang to inhabit the outskirts of Amethyst Valley.

After years of growing with the pirate ship Rustic and falling in love with a fellow pirate wolf named Erike, she dedicated her life to piracy and never wanted anything to do with the royal life again. Her life began to go downhill when an attack on the Rustic crew took the lives of everyone except her. She managed to survive by working as a decoy, and was easily overlooked as an average citizen. She also witnessed the hanging of her beloved Erike, shortly after the invasion took place.

Ever since, Rei grew up quiet and bitter...mercilessly stealing and killing to survive. By 16 years of age, her goal was to kill the current king of Amethyst Valley. With the help of a few old mercenary friends, she managed to personally take the king's life with her sword. Naturally, she was the new ruler, but rumors that the Keishana family died off a long time ago denied the fact that it was her throne. She was later captured and to be charged for murder, but she soon escaped. The Amethyst Valley kingdom was overshadowed by the High King of Shoalrije, and Rei Keishana was forbidden to return (and would be killed in attempting to do so).

Not too long after that, Rei and a few others managed to steal the HMS Dosnmatta. Rei was appointed First Mate before the new captain mysteriously disappeared. She quickly stepped up in his place as Captain in hopes of becoming the most feared pirates of the seas, and secretly in honor of the two families she lost.

Despite her petite elegant appearance, Princess Rei is ill tempered and impulsive. Not one to think out decisions, she usually reacts upon fear and desperation. This usually causes a distaste among her peers, though usually successful, and clever on her behalf. Rei usually doesn't socialize very much with others, unless to her interest, and can usually be found to be spending time alone.


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