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Reimina Clover Keishana, also known as Princess Rei, or Reimina, is a furry artist. She of African American and Philippine descent, and lives in Georgia, USA.

She is the owner of,, and

Fandom involvement[edit]

Princess Rei was a guest of honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015[1] and Fursonacon 2017.


Reimina's main fursona is a female Rottweiler and Poodle hybrid. The story variant of the fursona is the pirate princess Captain Keishana, who is described as a bitter exile from her homeland, Tischna. Her personal version of the fursona is portrayed as a more relaxed, tropical, and summer beach theme.

Recently, her alternate fursona is Amari Shawri, as featured in her current comic "Tribe of Shawri." Amari is a free-spirited ligress princess, with a passion for hunting gemstones.

Convention attendance[edit]


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