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Little Larikaz

Larikaz is a person in the furry fandom who represents himself as a young dragon with green scales, red wings, and the horn of a unicorn on his head.

Larikaz has a mate, Lady Goose, who shares his religion, if not his fandom.

He has self-published a book, 'Princess Nenji, featuring several furry characters. Larikaz grew up in Colorado and discovered furry fandom in Southern California. He lives in Arizona.

Princess Nenji

Princess Nenji is a novel written by Larikaz and published by Grendelmen Publishing.


Nenji lives a quiet life, but with a longing for adventure. Barely considered royalty, her life is uprooted when the Dragon King sets out to eliminate the threat of the Lorac Family revealed by prophecy. Nenji has to learn quickly about magic, politics, and herself as she takes on the roles of young lady, witch, and queen.
Princess Nenji, by David D Carroll, is a thrilling adventure through the magical land of Puji. Her adventures take her from one edge of the kingdom to the other, and beyond. She encounters mages, dragons, beasts who talk, and swordplay. There is so much to learn and so little time. Hunted by the most powerful dragon in the world, Nenji must find some way to protect herself. Recent prophecies and ancient feuds fuel the action of this exhilarating young adult fantasy.


The book is currently out of print. If you want copies, you can contact Grendelmen Publishing through david at

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