Pride of Baghdad

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Cover of Pride of Baghdad.
Panel from Pride of Baghdad, depicting Safa.

Pride of Baghdad is a graphic novel based on a true story of four non-anthropomorphic lions who escaped from the Baghdad zoo during the Iraq War.

Written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Niko Henrichon, it was released in September 2006. As it contains mature elements such as rape and violence as well as political undertones despite featuring an all-animal cast, it has been compared to a combination of The Lion King and Watership Down.


  • Zill, the lead male of the captive pride.
  • Safa, an old lioness, blind in one eye, who has become accustomed to captivity and the safety it brings.
  • Noor, a younger lioness who longs for freedom.
  • Ali, Noor's cub.
  • Bukk, a lion from Safa's past.
  • Fajer, a bear kept in the palace.
  • Rashid, a lion kept in the palace.

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