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Prickvixen is a furspeech term used to refer to a hermaphroditic fox, but can also use to describe transgendered or she-male ones. This term is used with OCs, fursonas, and/or users themselves.


This term was possibly coined by artist Ashtoreth in the 1990s.


The prick part of the term is occasionally misinterpreted for meaning the vixen in question has a hostile personality ("Prick [slang, vulgar], a mainstream pejorative term used to refer to a spiteful or contemptible person often having some authority.")


Even though the word shemale/she-male, as an early furry fandom self-identifier, has been used since the 1990s to refer to transgender beings (most prominent in adult sexual terms), the latest terminology guides identify such as a defamatory/derogatory term[1] (even when some furries themselves are indeed also CD or transgendered).

Discussions in the fandom about the subject are still ongoing into the 2020s.[citation needed]

Appearance and personality[edit]

Besides the additional male appendage, prickvixens usually appear as female foxes. Some of these tend to display increased body height and musculature. Their behavior depends on the person involved.

In addition to female personality traits, prickvixens often display sexually aggressive behavior, dominance, or both.

Known prickvixens[edit]


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