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Pregnant mare by artist Dustmeat.

Pregfur, or preg-fur, is a furspeech term principally used to describe a pregant female, hermaphrodite, and less commonly, male furry character (more commonly known as MPregs).

People as "pregfurs"[edit]

People interested in said characters, their female and/or male fertility|fecundity, the biological process of conception, pregnancy, the growth and change of a character/person's body during gestation, and/or birth may also describe themselves as Pregfurs, or less commonly, as Pregnophiles.

Sexuality and pregnancy[edit]

Furry pregnophiles with a sexual interest for this paraphilia may refer to/describe this fetish as Pregnophilia.

Related sexual philias[edit]

Presently, this paraphilia relates to or may have branched into several different contributory furry fetishes such as:

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