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Praxonomist was not so much an anti-fur as a previously disillusioned fan over the state and nature of Furry fandom. In June 2008 he wrote a long and harsh essay to vent his frustrations, then hypocritically created this Wikifur user page. As of 2012 he regrets much of the negativity and has been taking a more positive outlook.

Praxonomist discovered furry fandom in 1991. After a while, he attended about one furry con per year, starting with ConFurence 5 through ConFurence 8, and more recently ConFurence East, C-ACE, Further Confusion, Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest and Eurofurence 13. He lurked for many years on and on FurryMuck. His first furry social gathering was an early 90s weekend get-together near Chicago.

Praxonomist enjoys furry media - anything that tells a story or evokes an emotion and does it with professionalism and quality. He dislikes the concept of furry lifestyle, is overweight and no fun at parties.

His attitude towards the fandom has boiled down to this: People should not promote Furry fandom as being mainly about sex, sexuality, and tolerance of anything. But sex and sexuality are wonderful things, and are valid interests - but it would be a better fandom if people exercised more responsibility, consideration, discretion, and tact, making at least some small effort on the Web to minimize easy stumbling-across of adult content. Personal sexual gratification should not be a furry fan's primary motive for being in the fandom - fans should regard the quality of the overall fandom as being more important than their personal interests. Furries need to have higher standards, need to mock their own fandom and apply social pressure against people exhibiting undesirable behavior. Furry artists and writers should target their creativity towards audiences both within and outside the fandom. Positivity is also important.

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