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The dancefloor at Pounce.

Pounce was a club on Second Life self described as the "#1 most active, community-based, furry club in Second Life."[1] The club frequently has live DJs, hosts, dancers and hosts many themed events and contests. It features a large dancefloor, swimming pool, game room, yiff lounge, bar and hangout areas as well as a large nature area on the ground level.

Pounce is an adult region and welcomes all genders and species, including humans.[1]


The club was established in 2020 by Leopard Adored, who had previously owned the International Yiff Center.[2] As of November 2021 the club has died


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  2. About page on Pounce's official website. Retrieved September 20, 2020. The club had originally consisted of a steampunk theme, but was short-lived and was updated to a much larger venue. in 2021 it was changed to a distillery build and co owned with deer with a beer. Themed as the most active furry club on second life. Pounce runs weekly events, tail sales, and avatar release partys.

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