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FurIdaho, affectionately nicknamed PotatoCon after Idaho's state vegetable and biggest export, was a furry convention which took place in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A. FurIdaho is slated for a possible return in 2016.[1]

This convention marked the first furry convention held in Idaho, after FurFest Northwest was proposed and cancelled in 2006.

FurIdaho 2012[edit]

FurIdaho 2012 took place over March 23-25, 2012. Guests included artists Kadath and Mokusei Kaze, DJ PWN_3 and Househead, Fur What It's Worth, Fantastic Journeys Publishing, and comedy troupe Fine Young Deviants.[2] The event attracted 253 attendees.[3][4]

FurIdaho 2013[edit]

FurIdaho 2013 took place over March 8-10, 2013.[5] Its theme was "Furries in Time and Space", inspired by the television program Doctor Who.[6]

FurIdaho 2013's guests were the Fur What It's Worth podcasters, Idaho comedy/improv-acting troupe "The Fine Young Deviants", and artist Mokusei Kaze.[7]

FurIdaho 2014 cancellation[edit]

On September 5, 2013, it was announced on FurIdaho's Facebook page that FurIdaho had changed hands, and that the new caretakers of the convention were interested in ideas for future conventions.[8] On October 11, 2013, it was confirmed that FurIdaho 2014 had been cancelled due to lack of funds, and instead the focus had shifted to bringing back FurIdaho in 2015.[9] A later Facebook post, of December 25, 2014, indicated a group was trying to resurrect the event for 2016.[1]


As of November 3, 2013, the FurIdaho website was down. An expected return by Christmas, 2013,[10] did not eventuate.


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