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Howloween 2006 banner with chainsaw-toting pink bunny rabbit mascot

Howloween is a Halloween-themed furmeet held in the Greater Vancouver Area, British Columbia.

Howloween began in 2002 at the home of TJ_Wolf in Burnaby. About 10 people attended the house party, which featured modest events such as pizza and videos. Howloween 2003 was the first to be held in a formal hotel setting. The event was featured in the CBC television program Culture Shock

In 2004, the meet was extended to two days and moved to the upstairs event area of the hotel. A fursuit of the new mascot - a pink bunny with a hockey mask and chainsaw - was introduced, and the pumpkin carving contest was held for the first time. 2005 introduced the candy table, where furries pooled their money to buy a whole bunch of candy. Attendees who pre-registered this year received a Howloween T-shirt with their membership.

Howloween 2006 experienced an increased in attendance, speculated to be the cancellation of Conifur Northwest 2006. Howloween 2007 was cancelled, but returned for Howloween 2008. (more... - site)

Upcoming Events

June 6: Vancouver Island Furs Meet
June 13: vfur Furmeet
June 25: vfur Dinnermeet
June 27: Surrey Cheesecake Meet - 13593 King George Highway, Surrey, BC - 3PM
More complete list of events in the area at http://www.bcfurries.com/ (events viewable by those who have registered and whose accounts have been approved)

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