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Baby and mother porcupines

Porcupines are a species of rodents which fall into the families Erethizontidae for the New World, and Hystricidae for the Old World.


Porcupines are known for their spines, called quills, which are used to protect against predators.

There are two types of porcupines:

  • Old World porcupines - Any porcupine under the family Hystricidae which are found in Africa, south Europe, and India, and are similar to the capybara. North African porcupines are far larger than their American cousins.
  • New World porcupines - Any porcupine under the family Erethizontidae, which are found in the Americas and are similar to beavers.

Porcupine in mainstream culture[edit]

Porcupines and furry[edit]

Porcupines are a very uncommon species in the furry fandom, the best known porcupine character is artist and animator Eric W. Schwartz's female porcupine, Holly.

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