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the greasiest comic on the net
Author(s) Fyuvix
Update schedule Fridays, Wednesdays, and Mondays
Launch date 2009 July 2
End Date 2011 March 25
Genre Comedy
Usually PG or 14.

PompFiction was a webcomic series that was written and drawn by Fyuvix. Started in 2009, it followed the lives of the five Jaybirds, a greaser gang, as they mourned over the loss of their fallen leader, Johnny Jay. Though the characters lived a greaser lifestyle, the story took place in modern times.

The webcomic included a series of pages, strips, and short stories and illustrations related to the cast. The series was discontinued on March 25, 2011. The creator hopes to finish the Steel Chef chapter and publish it in a Pompfiction Vol 2.[1]


The Jaybirds included:

  • Johnny "Jaybird" Jay: the late leader of the gang of Jaybirds.
  • Galileo Servicci: Johnny's little fanboy.
  • Ronnie O'Callaghan: the sinister 2nd to Johnny Jay, and new leader of the gang.
  • Ernie Aliberti: the comedian of the gang, and Ronnie's 2nd.
  • Rupert Flemming: the slackjawed lackie who dresses more 70s than the gang's typical 50s style.
  • Dingus: a seemingly mentally challenged goon who doesn't talk.


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