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Jimmy Chin is an artist and fursuiter. Originally from South Florida, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida. He lived in the Los Angeles area for three years before settling in the the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999. He lives in San Jose with his partner, DJ and fellow fursuit performer Croc.

He has been involved in furry fandom since 1990. His first furry party was at NecronomiCon, in October 1990, in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. His first furry convention was Confurence 2 in January 1991. He was a charter member of the Fursuit Mailing List. He was a guest of honor at Conifur Northwest 1999, Eurofurence 15, and Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013[1].

His main fursuit character is Yippee Coyote who has done numerous local community appearances as well as fandom events since his creation in 1996. He is one of the founding members of the costumed character performing group Critters by the Bay and also participates in Good Bears of the World. He was the Furry News Network's Fursuiter of the Month for July 2011.

An advocate for promoting fursuit performance in fandom, Jimmy has helped run performance panels since 1997, but in 2010 has taken a new approach with his panel "Power of Pretend." While most performance panels offer tips on what to do, "Power of Pretend" encourages the fursuiter to capture their imagination, visualize the character and the childhood game of playing pretend.


Jimmy has drawn since a young age, and despite attending college for Engineering, had pursued an art and animation career. In 1995 he moved to Los Angeles and held a few animation studio art jobs until 1997.

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Yippee Coyote at Howloween 2004


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