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Poker Night: dogs playing poker

Poker Night is a Flash-animation cartoon series. Inspired by Cassius Coolidge's paintings of "Dogs Playing Poker", the comedy series tells the story of five anthropomorphic dogs who regularly meet to play cards.

A production of (a web television company), the series was written and created by Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett. The show's voice cast are Dan Butler, Tom McGowan, Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, Mary Mara, and Patrick Kerr.


The five regular poker players are:

Episode list[edit]

  • Episode 1: Wild Card
Roger is bitter about paying alimony to his ex-wife, and then becomes increasingly paranoid when he learns that Stuart has been seeing her.
  • Episode 2: Bluff
Doug's vet has put him on a carrots-and-celery diet, which makes the groups regular pizza dinner an unbearable temptation.
  • Episode 3: Five of a Kind
The other poker players wonder how to tell Marshall that he has bad breath.
  • Episode 4: Stud
After the game, the five dogs head to a bar to have a drink and check out women.
  • Episode 5: Spade
Having decided that twenty-seven children are enough, Doug has opted to be neutered.
  • Episode 6: Bet
Most of the the players are impressed by the skills of a frisbee-catching Rough Collie, but Roger, a former collegiate frisbee champ, claims he still has what it takes to perform such feats.
  • Episode 7: Club
During one poker game, Stuart brings along a friend from work; a Boxer named Lester.
  • Episode 8: Pass
Stuart and Doug take a break from the game; Stuart to go on a beer run, and Doug to answer a call of nature.

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  • Game Dogs, another video series with game-playing dogs

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