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Pokémorph MUSH is a PennMUSH themed for anthropomorphic Pokémon characters.

Pokémorph MUSH is the longest-running Pokémon-themed MU* on the Internet. The founder remains Head Wizard.[citation needed] As of March 2009, Pokémorph MUSH averaged around 30 to 40 unique players a night out of an estimated 150 to 200 unique players with 853 registered characters in total.

As of February 2020, the current website is a maintained wiki.

The former website had stated that it was undergoing renovations since October 2, 2011. However, that site has not reopened since; updates of the renovation were posted on their social media pages, but as of February 2020 Pokémorph MUSH's social networking accounts had not been updated since November 2015.


From the Pokémorph MUSH website:

Pokémorph MUSH
The year is 2039.

Through years of experimentation and research, the scientists of Team Rocket have combined the genetic codes of human and Pokemon. Emerging from the unnatural union is a new race, Pokemorphs, possessing traits from both worlds, but belonging in neither.

However, Team Rocket had not the resources to control a vast number of these creations for long, and now, many Pokemorphs have been freed, and now, their own civilization has been born on a small island far north in the oceans. These Pokemorphs wish nothing more than to live in peace, though Team Rocket, and the Pokemorphs still loyal to them, work to reclaim the creations lost to them, while other forces wish to harness their power.

Thus is the world of Pokemorphs.[1]

Pokémorph MUSH



  • Arceus - 'God' account.
  • Tati - Co-Head Wizard, Theme and Factions (formally Tatikyas)
  • Gab - Co-Head Wizard, Website
  • Fault - Original Creator and Owner, Server Admin
  • Aerie - BuildHelper, General Help
  • Battie - Building and Applications
  • Hope - TPs, PIA Staff (on leave)
  • Nidonocu - TPs, Applications
  • Phineus - GeneralHelp/Seafangs/Wiki/Building
  • Reginald - Softcode, Applications. Only active wiz as of early 2020.
  • Obsidian - Softcode (on leave)
  • NitroKing - Softcode (Retired)


  • AnimalCracker - Testing
  • Cleo - Assistant Builder


  1. http://pokemorph.com/ (retrieved June 13, 2011)