Pokemon Revolutions

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Pokemon Revolutions
Subject Pokémon role-play
Server dragonet.afraid.org, port 5120
Operator(s) Deru
Status Dead
Ran from/to Late 2005 - 2006(?)

Pokemon Revolutions was a role-playing MUCK based on Pokémon. As of 2017, it is not accessible, with no new posts on the website since 2006.

Pokémon Frontier was later opened on the same domain by the same administrator in 2009.


  • Deru - Head wizard
  • Amnenth - Coding, Server
  • Razzia
  • Uirka - Head Builder, Theme Relations, TPs, Etc...


  • Diomedes
  • Hoshi - Interviews
  • Rosse - Theme, OS creation/applications, OC applications
  • Scorrios
  • Tarrim - Website Management, Advertising
  • Tinsel

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