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Poke is one of the main characters in Eurofurence's Pawpet Show. He’s not exactly dumb, but he focuses his intellect on non-intellectual things like collecting dildos and fantasizing about sex. He thinks about himself as an irresistible macho, although he is just behaving like a pervert most of the time. He has got his good and soft sides, as could be seen at the Eurofurence 14 show, where he fell in love with a female bat called Sky.

Poke appeared the first time (as "The Ferret") on the Eurofurence 6 Pawpet Show in 2000. His player and voice actor is Fairlight.

Like his three friends, Lori the fox, Mika the snow leopard and Lionel the lion he is a Folkmanis puppet.

Background story[edit]


Poke has got a brother, Peek, who is not quite like him, and his parents are Gosub (his father) and Return (his Mom, a tax advisor). His parents never had much time for him, so he had to get by on his own most of the time.


Poke's main interests consider everything regarding sex, especially collecting all kings of sex toys.
Aside from this he also enjoys cooking, although he does not show his passion for this as he is afraid it might hurt his image.

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