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Pokémon Fusion is a text-based roleplaying environment run on ProtoMUCK. Anthropomorphic Pokémon exist in the setting.


The setting "takes place in a region of Japan known as Kasei, which is special in that it is one of the largest concentration of fusions--genetic hybrids of humans and Pokemon. It has become a cultural melting pot of many different languages, businesses and, of course, races--as it is one of the few places such fusions are culturally accepted."[1]


Riley, a Rattata fusion.

"Fusion is the physical joining of an individual and their pokemon, creating one being sharing traits from both."[2]

Combat System[edit]

Pokémon Fusion is the only MUCK with a full combat system that mirrors the ones found within the games. Pokémon can be hunted, captured, battled and traded. You will find yourself battling both NPC trainers as well as able to challenge other people. Gym Leaders await if you desire to seek gym badges. Fusions can also participate in battles, though they are only allowed to be a trainer, and not a combatant, in official Pokémon League battles.[citation needed]


  • Yang - Head Wizard and Coder
  • Lore - Plot, Validation and General Assistance
  • Bastion - Plot, Validation and General Assistance
  • Glitch - Additional coding support
  • Delphi - Game Mechanics knowledgebase, tweaks
  • Honey - Staff
  • Lepus - Helper (Validations)
  • Pixel - Helper (Validations, Plot)
  • Cykes - Plot & Theme, Validations, General Assistance
  • Amunra - Staff
  • Merkabah - Junior coder


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