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Pokémon World MUCK (commonly PokéWorld MUCK) was a text-based multiuser roleplaying and socialization game. While not itself a furry MUCK, it welcomed furries playing Pokémon characters.


The theme of PokéWorld MUCK is that of wild, non-morphic but varyingly sentient, and fully anthropomorphic Pokémon (Pokémorphs) existing in a world divided up into 6 continents. This world, Poqmori, is the "Homeworld" of Pokémon, where they came into existence before eventually spreading out and ending up on Earth (as in the games and television series) to be used by children everywhere. These continents each have an overall theme, serving as the "homeland" of some of the varied 17 types of Pokémon.

For the in-theme world of PokéWorld MUCK: The technological level is at roughly 2030's level. High speed computers, networks, mag-lev monorails, electric vehicles. There is little in the way of real military presence in this world, due to the prevalence of able bodied and combat capable species. There are, however, semi-organized militia for each region which will cooperate in times of need.

Combat system[edit]

While most of the MUCK's roleplaying was done by freeform roleplay and combat was not required, there was a fully coded combat system that supported most Pokémon attacks and types. The combat system functioned as a guideline for roleplay. Those attacks not fully coded could usually have their abilities emulated by the use of other functions within the combat system.

The "Innate Abilities" that Pokémon gained as of the 3rd generation games (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen) were omitted due to problems with coding these abilities in, and an overall lack of real need. An except was the Shedinja.

Character generation[edit]

Character generation was fairly simple, with instruction available to aid new players in how to set themselves up both with a character in its appearance and normal properties (sex, species, @desc, etc) but with the Combat/Guideline system, such as setting up their Pokémon species, type (wild, nonmorph, morph) and attacks.

Wizards and helpstaff were available to assist in this process. XP (experience points) were awarded by roleplaying in the presence of three or more active players and in votes received by these players for quality roleplaying.


Alynna oversees the smooth running of the MUCK, effects repairs and devises new code, and, when necessary, settles those disputes that no one else can. ICly, she runs the Ginseng City Pokémon center, a reflection of her player's duties.
  • Gigan - Enforcement. Punishment. Sanity-checks.
  • Kerri - Theme and Plot Wiz
  • Sorcha
  • Tik - Coder buggy

Former wizards[edit]

The Co-Assistant HeadWiz and Raichu Gym Leader of the Thunder Gym, Giselle was the head of theme after Alynna, and assisted other wizards with questions.
As the Arbok Co-Assistant HeadWiz, Shalla answers questions, mediates disputes, and helps conceive new plotlines.
The Newcomers' Wiz, Vesta the Flareon has duties at the Pokémon Daycare. She is also Gym Leader of the Fire Gym, and available for general questions or conflict resolution.

In May 2007, three wizards: DarkJewel, Sunshine, and Phoex, left Pokemon World for Pokemon Dynasty.

As Buildwiz, this little Sneasel was responsible for most player building requests until the addition of dedicated building staff. She added homes and businesses to the grid, as well as running the Dark Gym.
Coder and "Mister Fix-it", this Growlithe handled much of the MUCK's code infrastructure, including XP accrual, character generation, and combat code.
Enforcer Wiz and "all-around criminal element" Sunshine the Umbreon was the head of Team Phoenix (the Pokémon World equivalent of the Mafia). She wrote some code for the MUCK.


  • Kada - Roleplay, Building, General Help
  • Raikoo - Newbie help


In late 2007, Alynna decided to close Pokémon World MUCK and focus efforts on Pokémon Dynasty MUCK due to waning attendance and poor performance by the older game. Pokémon World MUCK was deleted approximately a week after notice was given.


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