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Poink and his evil red eyes

Poink T. Ferret is the pseudonym of a regular cast member on the Funday PawPet Show and is personified by a ferret pawpet with a free-spirited (and often unmoderated) will. He also hosts the Poinkcast podcast. Often crude, somewhat rude, and often humorous in his antics, Poink is the ferret you love to hate, hate to love, or any mixture of the two. The cast and crew of the Funday Pawpet Show have learned not to take Poink seriously, as well as to watch what they say when he's around, as Poink is a master of taking an innocent comment and putting an un-innocent spin on it. Poink is puppeted and voiced by JR.

Poink can typically be identified on the show in the lower right quadrant of the broadcast screen, and is brown and light brown in coloration. Poink's puppeteer has modified the ferret's eyes with LED lights to give Poink's eyes a bright red glow in the right circumstances. Poink has also been recently modified to have a pair of large, ping-pong-ball like eyes. Poink's first appearance with the LED modifications took place after the show interviewed Doug Bradley, the actor that portrays "Pinhead" in the Hellraiser movies. While Poink interviewed him, Mr Bradley stuffed the ferret into a Hellraiser "cube". When the cube was opened on the show, Poink popped out with the bright demon red eyes.

Poink 2.4, retired to France

During the long and continuing history of the Funday Pawpet Show, Poink has been through quite a bit of torture. He's been shaved, blown to bits, and other manners of ferret humiliation. There have been a number of puppets modified for use as Poink before the puppet was discontinued, including two that were spinoffs of characters from the BBC television show Doctor Who. When the puppet becomes worn out to the point that a replacement is necessary, or specially designed for a certain look such as the Doctor Who models, JR normally donates them to charity auctions at various cons, although the last one was sold on eBay in June 2007.

Poink was actually named after the puppeteer's real life ferret, who was named for his habit of hopping, or as JR terms it, "Poinking" around the house.

Poink version 2.4 was put up for auction on 24 June 2007.[1][2]


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